Refrigeration Inside Sales Services


Refrigeration Inside Sales Segments

Market segmentation is key for finding the best prospects quickly. Thousands of calls allowed us to refine the best market segments and develop a rating system for the best businesses to call for commercial and industrial refrigeration services. Here are few examples:

Food manufacturing - They need to keep raw ingredients cold or frozen until needed and need to store cold or frozen finished goods. This type of equipment and their dependency upon that equipment means that they are probably a desirable client for you. We will contact them, qualify them, and set the appointment for you.

Medical Labs - Medical labs often have genetic or human materials that must stay frozen with very specific temperatures for optimal results. Ultra low units mean that maintenance on that equipment is vital to their success.

The benefit to our refrigeration clients is stronger penetration within their target market and an increase in their sales pipeline. The end goal is to help you acquire new accounts and increase your revenues. Why wouldn't companies want to ensure that their cooling equipment is working properly and why wouldn't they need a refrigeration vendor that will respond quickly to emergency chiller, HVAC and cooler outages? Why wouldn't you want to acquire that new business?

For a complete list and count of the best prospects within your service area, please contact us to learn more.