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Refrigeration Inside Sales with launch your Cold Calling Campaign as your sales staff closes sales.

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Refrigeration Inside Sales has created multiple marketing programs to bring you the right number of appointments. Our most popular marketing program starts with a 4 week pilot program. It includes:

  • Four week pilot
  • Ten hours calling per week
  • Typically 200-250 outbound calls per week
  • Contact list based on SICs
  • Set up and training
  • Scripting with common objections and rebuttals

"The single biggest challenge in my practice is consistently getting in front of new qualified leads. Rich Enterprises has significantly helped me open doors, and get in front of the right people.

The Refrigeration Inside Sales boarding process will include:

  • New client questionnaire - this questionnaire tells our team about your business. What type of business do you have? What is your target market? What makes a lead viable to you? This document is the starting point for every new Refrigeration Inside Sales marketing campaign.
  • Program outline - the program outline is a custom document created just for your Refrigeration business. This document will contain key goals, list targets, sample scripts and common objections along with possible rebuttals. The program outline for your account is always a working document where modifications and changes can be made for the betterment of your program.
  • Service agreement - a contract for services. The agreement details the expectations of the marketing program along with responsibilities of Refrigeration Inside Sales, responsibilities of the client and payment options and schedule.
  • Kick off conference - Before executing all new marketing campaigns, we will initiate a kick off conference call. This call allows new clients to ask questions and become fully informed of the on boarding process, the daily reporting and scheduling as well as go over list criteria to prepare for kick off of their Refrigeration Inside Sales campaign.
  • First day reporting - All clients receive specialized daily reporting for all calls made on behalf of their campaign. We provide daily all calls and lead reports for all leads generated and appointments set.

The next step in a new Refrigeration Inside Sales campaign is the ongoing process and responsibility of our clients in order to make their marketing program a true success:

  • Conduct appointments - Our seasoned marketing team will provide you and your sales team pre-qualified leads and in person appointments. Our experience with the qualification process allows your sales team to follow-up with new contacts and close sales rather than qualify and locate new business.
  • Prepare quotation - After the initial meeting, your refrigeration sales team can provide new prospectsGo with the proven winner Refrigeration Inside Sales turning your sales gears and fueling your grown. quotes for products, services or contracts.
  • Present offer - Once the initial introduction has been conducted, it’s time to present your quotation offer to your new prospect. Meet and greets are great ways to build rapport and start relationship building.
  • Review daily reporting -The daily reports from Refrigeration Inside Sales team will provide details on every call made on behalf of your company for the day. Reviewing the daily reports will show trends with the daily calls and allow for positive changes based on those findings. Daily reporting will also provide detailed lead reports for leads generated and appointments set.
  • Provide feedback to Refrigeration Inside Sales - After our clients have completed their appointments, we like feedback. Feedback, whether it is good, bad or otherwise helps us adjust and modify our program for the betterment of not only your campaign but other campaigns going forward.

Please contact us for more details.